and their families

So this is a time that can be pretty tough for you guys especially if this is your 1st baby, so keeping everything relaxed and calm is the key for me… this is why I do all my newborn photo shoots in your own home, it’s the perfect place to be for our littlest hobo’s, and great for the siblings that will be joining us, as waiting around for their debut bit in the shoot can be a bit stressful for you, especially if they start to play up a bit, they can just nip off, play and busy themselves so making sure there’s no pressure on them to perform. This also applies to dads too… they can feel a bit at a loose end, especially if your breastfeeding, but we definitely need them around for snuggles and soothing times, and when we don’t need him, he can brew up and keep the biscuits flowing. Result…

And don’t worry, I’ll move anything I don’t want to see in shot and pop it back straight after.

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